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Bike Buying Guide for Women

Buying the right bike is a challenge. This is especially for women who have physical differences and needs compared to their male counterparts.

Buying a bike for women is not as easy as it is for men, reason because most of the manufacturers have recently just realized that more women are getting into cycling as a hobby.

Today we look at a guide to help you choose the best bike as a woman, or for your female companion from http://www.cyclingplaza.com.

Be Specific

It is a well-known fact that many women go for smaller versions of men’s bikes because of the physical differences. However, many of them find that the frames on these bikes have been made for men’s tastes, and make it hard for the women to enjoy their rides.

Whatever style you are looking to get for that lady, make sure it is the right bike size, and it can be adjusted to suit her physique and comfort level.

Why should you be specific? Well, studies show that women have a shorter upper body compared to that of men. They also have a shorter torso and shorter arms too. They, on the other hand, have longer legs than men their heights.

So, wider hips mean wider bones to sit on, and this also means that a woman needs a wider saddle than the one that is typically supplied with a man’s bike. Make sure you ask specifically for a saddle size that is ideal for women.

The Type

You will be presented various models to choose from and styles, ranging from step-throughs to road bikes.

Step-throughs don’t have a top tube, making it easier to ride for the women that don’t have the same vitality as the men.

The standard road bike is made to fit men’s physiques. It might be used by the woman, but this isn’t ideal at all. The extended top tube means that the woman has to lean further forward to reach the handlebars, and considering the short upper body, this becomes a challenge.

Mountain bikes are also designed with the male in mind and make it tough for the women to use it. Opt for one with a wider saddle, and if the bike has adjustable parts, the better.

Final Thoughts

Women have become avid riders, and with this come the need for better bikes for them. Take time to get the right bike for a lady so that she can enjoy it.

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