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Christmas Season – What We’d Love About It?

Christmas is one of the most awaited celebrations that people anticipate in every year. This is the time where they practice the essence of giving, forgiving and loving towards one another. It is also considered as one of the happiest days of the year where there are countless of parties, gatherings and even reunions. You can see many different children who sing Christmas carol in the street and in every house. Unfortunately, many people forget the real essence of Christmas, who is Jesus the reason for this season.

It’s a season for kids!

No one can deny the fact that Santa Claus is the very famous character during Christmas, especially to children. It is because of the inculcated culture and tradition by the forefathers that run thru the coming generation. It is not wrong to remember Santa Claus and other icons during Christmas, but it must be firmed in everyone’s life that Jesus is the actual reason why people experience and celebrate Christmas.

This Yuletide Season is fun especially to children who look forward attending in parties where they can engage in different games and exciting exchanging of gifts. Let them play joyfully, watch fireworks display or create funny post for your Christmas tree. In this way, they can practice their ability to socialize with others and experience the essence of giving as well as appreciating every gift that they receive.

Negative emotion is not allowed at this time. And must diminish.

It is also evident that during Christmas season everyone is happy, it is hard for people to experience sadness no matter what situation they are in. they know how to accept every single blessing that they receive regardless of the price. This celebration becomes an instrument to practice forgiveness and gratitude to one another. It is simply because of their remembrance of the birth of Jesus that softens their hearts that eventually lead them to do such gesture. Indeed, all positivity can be felt in this once a year celebration.

It’s a reminder.

However, it must also be inculcated to everyone’s mind that regardless of the season, they must still practice unconditional love, unending forgiveness to one another. This is because of the love of Jesus that surpasses anything in this world. Therefore, it must be a mindset of everyone that Christmas is not only during December but it is experienced and practiced in order to feel the fun and happiness brought by Jesus in everyone’s life. In doing so, every day is an opportunity to love, care and forgive to one another allowing everyone to experience the goodness of life that was given by the Lord Jesus.

So, it is in your hand on how you will make Christmas season extra special. You can extend the goodness that it brings to people each day in a year to let people feel that they are blessed, happy of the kind of life they have. Consider yourself as an instrument of love and forgiveness that surely lead other people to Jesus while appreciating everything that they have in their lives without any regrets and holding back in this life. Enjoy this celebration and always remember that Jesus is the reason for this season.

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