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Drill Bits- How The Carpenters Have To Choose One For Their Project

If you’re a carpenter and regularly deal with various woods, then it is often essential to make holes on those woods. To do it, one of the important tools, often used by many carpenters, is drill bit.  However, as drill bits are of diverse types, you have to choose the perfect one for your project.

Before purchasing drill bit from any store, you need to recognize the wood (Soft or hard) that you are using. Hard woods are derived from those trees that have leaves. On the other hand, the trees with softer woods have cones.

Many of the drill bits, available in the market, are manufactured with cobalt, High Speed Steel etc. In case of soft woods, you can go for the steel-made bits because they are quite inexpensive. But, they may get blunted easily, if you apply them for harder woods.

Now, let’s know about other varieties of the drill bits.

Brad Point

The most remarkable thing about it is that this tool helps you in proper positioning, due to its particular part- brad. Besides, the flutes are wide to eliminate the chips. While you are just beginning your drilling task, you may keep away from any risk of getting slipped. It means that you can work confidently. Moreover, these bits do not lead to any effect on the borders of holes.

Twist bits

They are of rounder shaped, and you may use them not only for timber but also for plastic. They are applied to create mainly small holes, and are most affordable as well. In many of these drill bits, you may find a coating of oxide for making the product more durable.

Hole Saws

It is perhaps impossible for you to drill huge holes without considerable power. However, with the use of hole saws, you may do this task. There are small-sized teeth along with a sharp edge. Some of these tools are intended only to drill timber, whereas other models are used for metals and iron.

Auger bit

This bit contains one screw point in order to initiate the hole making process. In most of these bits, the flutes are big, and in the past, the carpenters used them along with the manual drills. Nowadays, they’re still highly used by wood workers, and are also known as brace.

These are some major drill bits, used for doing projects on woods. The right bit may make your work much easier.

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