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Effortlessly Increasing Your Follower Base with Instagram Bots

They often say, “Growing your Instagram account requires dedication and hard work.” or “Instagram marketing takes too much effort before it pays off.” Well, it may be true for the typical Instagram user. Yes, you’ve read that correctly, but you need to emphasize more on the “typical Instagram user.” If you utilize Instagram bots, you can benefit from them in various ways:

Forget the Time-Consuming Routine

At this point, you may tire of the typical tricks such as “properly use hashtags,” “post high-quality images regularly,” or “use Instagram filters,” and so on. After all, these stop working at some point, and follower gain starts to slow, or even halt. Also, these methods are time-consuming, and sometimes they really no longer work.

However, if you utilize bots, you have a more simple option for generating followers and likes on your Instagram account. These are an automatic method of choosing the correct people to follow, and they will do so in return. Now,¬† you’d want to opt for this easy process rather than continue to perform the daily labor of a typical Instagram user.

Autopilot Mode

Now, if you have decided to use a bot, regardless of what it is, you start with creating an account. Next, you keep track of the follow/like speed, perhaps start low on the first day and increase the rate for the next. After three days, you should have at least a hundred followers from the work of your bot. Of course, results still vary depending on the account and the bot you chose. For further optimization, you should create a popular account similar to yours and follow their followers.

As for how it works, the bot automatically follows other popular accounts where most of the viral images are. Next, it scans those profiles to search for other pictures that are similar to your hashtags, and then it likes them. It works similarly as to how a user would do it, but at a faster rate.

Choosing Your Bot Wisely

There are many available Instagram bots, and it is understandable if you find yourself confused at first. However, you should prepare yourself to switch to another since Instagram tends to shut them down. An example would be Instagress, but there are other alternatives available. You should have a look at the 4 best Instagress alternatives for your business by The Small Business Blog, as they explain these four alternative bots well.


Growing an Instagram account the usual way can be quite tedious. However, with a bot, one can do the same thing with ease and efficiency. Furthermore, you can do other things as your bot works for you.

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