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Hair Care Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

Your hair says a lot about you, and as such you want to keep it in the best shape possible. At times, however, you may go overboard and ruin its appearance, luster, and thickness over time. Even though you may not know it, these hair care mistakes are a disaster waiting to happen.

Covering Your Head with a Towel

Chances are, you make this mistake almost every other day. Most women wrap a towel above their heads to dry their hair. The problem is that this technique doesn’t work. If anything it only increases frizz and makes the hair kinky. Instead of covering your wet hair with a towel or piece of cloth, you’re better of squeezing out the dampness using your hands.

Not Straightening Your Hair

You may blow dry your hair, but you need to straighten it as well. One of the primary benefits of using a straightener is the fact that it gets rid of frizz and keeps your hair smooth. It also allows you to get a little versatile with your styling. Other than it also improves the appearance and increases shine.

Nonetheless, the type of hair straightener that you use determines the results. You see, there’s an assortment of straighteners on the market, so you need to choose a model that works for your hair. Visit http://www.brushedstraight.com/ for more insights on hair straighteners and the options available.

Washing Your Hair Before Bed

When you wash your hair a few minutes before going to bed, it only means that you have to cover your head. You will lock in the moisture and leave your hair tangled up and looking cluttered. You can wash your hair before bed but only do it twice a month, for instance. Consider shampooing and moisturizing instead of frequent wash.

Not Using Hair Care Products

Sure, some hair products may be harmful, but that’s not a reason not to treat your hair. You only need to be careful with the products that you choose. Read labels before purchasing to ensure that the formula doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. Whenever possible pick naturally formulated products. When you treat your hair with the correct formulations, you will help add its volume, luster and reduce frizz.

Also, stop running your hands through your hair for whatever reason. If your scalp feels itchy, use a comb to scrub it. Of course, you can use your hands to apply oil and other hair care products.

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