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How to grow a magnificent lawn in your yard?

Everyone knows that the green grass can decorate a personal area very elegantly and beautifully. There is a lot of great examples. Sometimes the accurate yard can be even more beautiful than the motley bed.

However, you would never be able to buy such green rug in the regular shop (of course, if we do not talking about special grass for football fields). That is why it is necessary to work to create a lawn by your hands. Business, it is not limited to common digging up of the ground and crop of a grass. Nevertheless, it is worth making efforts, as the result shall be magnificent.

So here is a tips how to do it.

In order to grow an attractive yard, you will need a layer of fertile soil, which depth has to be about fifteen cm. Two more cm of the soil will be necessary for powder of seeds. Deeply dug over the place at least a month before crops of a grass.  It is necessary to harvest weeds with special care. Also, do not forget to soil the ground and to introduce organic fertilizers. It is possible to add to light sandy soil silt, peat, and a little clay.

Before seeding soil should be leveled and condensed with special manual skating rinks. It will give to the soil density and allow fending off traces from footwear.

Then it is possible to start sewing. At the same time, the choice of grass type directly depends on the purpose of a lawn – decorative, landscape gardening or ordinary, sports, meadow, and service conditions. As a rule, it is better to choose mixes of grass seeds. Most often, a personal plot creates a so-called landscape gardening or ordinary yard. It is much simpler to create such yard by hands than other types of yards. Besides, it is not as whimsical as English type.

The consumption of sowing material takes about 10-15 grams on a square meter.  The lawn will badly grow because of nutrients lack at too dense sowing. It is desirable to sow seeds in windless dry weather. It is possible to do it manually or by means of special seeders.

The prepared site should be watered. The sowed site needs to be powdered with a 2-centimeter layer of earth and leveled with an equal whetstone or a rake.  After sowing, a future lawn is carefully watered, watching that seeds did not appear outside.

If the lawn is sowed correctly, then the first shoots will appear on 4-7 day. The formation of a full-fledged lawn requires about a month.

Then you will need to think about its cutting. There are many devices, which will allow you to do it. For more info, check this link.

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