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Importance Of The Sensor Size In A Stud Locator

All stud locators have sensors used to detect studs, obviously. But, the size of a sensor itself has a huge importance. No matter which model you choose, this aspect should be a priority. There are a variety of sensors, with different sizes and therefore with different capabilities. Smaller sensors are usually reserved for more affordable units, which are developed for beginners and for occasional usages. Here, we will place an accent on larger sensors and here’s why.

Larger sensors are capable of detecting more studs at the same time. They also cover a bigger surface at once, meaning that the total amount of time, needed for an individual to complete a task will be much shorter. All professional units have sensors with larger sizes, so they are definitely the first choice to make. In addition, size sensors is just one of the features you need to consider. The full list can be checked at http://www.studlocator.com/buying-guide/.

Correspondingly, units with larger sensors are capable of locating studs deeper into the walls, making them more suitable for more demanding operations. In any case, they are a perfect choice for all of you who want to complete a task as quickly as possible with the highest accuracy possible. Tip: If you are looking for a stud locator that will be used for thicker walls (usually those with dual drywall setup) units with larger sensors are a much better choice.

Larger sensors also increase the weight of a stud locator. For example, a model with a small sensor may have a total weight of 7-10 ounces, while a larger sensor model will reach 1 pound. This is also a feature to consider, but at the end of a day, increased weight won’t be a huge issue, simply because you won’t hold a stud locator the entire day.

A related feature: Central targeting

This is however a feature you will definitely want. It is also related to the size of a sensor. In simple terms, it will allow you to detect the center of the stud. The accuracy is improved up to 70% thanks to this feature, so it is definitely essential for professionals and those who want the best results every single time.

Units with larger displays and central targeting are a real pleasure to use. They are simple, accurate and even fun. A model with all these features is always a priority.

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