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Overlooked, Yet More Obvious Reasons To Get Braces

More and more people end up considering Long Island orthodontics, but they are often intrigued regarding the necessity of such a treatment. They have no clue how an orthodontic treatment can actually help them out. Most of them associate braces with good looks. Basically, you end up with those metallic wires on your teeth for a couple of years, only for your smile to gain in appearance. At the same time, there is also the possibility to benefit from Invisalign – a smart choice for those who dislike the metallic appearance. This modern type of braces is invisible and provides similar effects, so it gains more and more popularity. All in all, despite most expectations, braces are not only related to the actual looks. Instead, the benefits of such a treatment go way farther than that.

Up to 99% of all orthodontists will recommend braces for completely different reasons. They do not care about the looks, but about your oral health. Simply put, the beautiful smile is considered pleasing from your point of view. But to a dentist, the same smile is supposed to be healthy, only to contribute to your longterm health. With these ideas in mind, you do not have to be a genius to realize that crowded and crooked teeth are almost impossible to clean by the book. Going between them is a challenge. Not even the floss can go through. No matter how hard you try, you still cannot maintain a top hygiene. As a direct consequence, poor oral hygiene will cause a series of complications. Tooth decay is one of them, while tooth loss and gum related diseases are even more severe.

Other problems may also be caused by an incorrect bite. For instance, overbites are directly responsible for most injuries and fractures related to the upper teeth. Apart from obvious injuries, overbites are responsible for over 95% of all these complications. A poor bite will certainly lead to gum recession too.

The oral function is not to be overlooked either. Specific problems will cause issues while chewing. You may not notice them right now, but speech related problems are just as common. Those around you can definitely make the difference. When you hear grinding and clenching noises too, you better rush to an orthodontist as soon as possible.

Jaws end up misaligned, while different teeth suffer from different wearing patterns. This is why a healthy bite is so important. All these problems will be ameliorated and cured eventually. They are less likely to cure by themselves if ignored. Instead, they only keep aggravating to a decisive point when no other treatments can solve them. Therefore, it is in your interest to act fast and maintain your oral health in the best possible shape.

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