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The Importance of Tracking Your Instagram Followers

Tracking your followers is a task that can be of great benefit to your brand on Instagram. The full potential of your Instagram account can only be realized when you utilize all the necessary tools available on the platform. Most people do not care to read their account’s analytics and end up losing big in terms of audience building and engagement. With the right tools in place, it becomes very easy to track your followers. Today we look at some of the amazing reasons why you need to start doing it.

Better Understanding of Your Community

Using analytics tools on Instagram gives you a clear view of your account’s progress in terms of the number of followers you have gained or lost over a period of time. The tools allow you to identify your top, latest or lost followers and give you vital statistics about your community members. This information can be helpful when defining your potential reach in terms of who to engage. You will also be able to determine which people you follow that do not follow you back and decide whether to unfollow them.

Visualised Account Growth

The main progress indicator on Instagram is your account’s growth. A steadily growing number of followers indicates that you are on the right track. If your followers keep reducing in number then you might need to change your communication strategy to meet the needs of your audience. You can use some great tracking tools to visualize the growth of your followers over time and create plans to grow your account.

Improved Content and Activity

Tracking your followers helps you understand what works for them and what doesn’t. By checking out the way people engage with your content, you are able to customize your posts and schedule to ensure you reach a wider audience. It is at this point that you decide whether there’s enough activity on your account. If not, you may consider purchasing followers from companies such as FollowFans and many others rated at selectedbest.info.

Increased Levels of Engagement

The number of comments and likes on your posts will always give you an idea of what your followers are looking for. With a good tracking tool, you can assess the evolution of your engagement rate just to stay in the know. That is why you need to make follower tracking a priority.

Final Words

Instagram analytics and tracking tools offer the best way to report progress. You can easily customize the information in a format that suits your business and use this for future comparisons.

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